Pesach Slabosky

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1947 Born in Detroit
1978 Immigrated to Israel
2006 residence in “Midbar”, Mitspe Ramon, Israel

1971-1975 Brooklyn Museum Art School, New York
1965-1969 Columbia University, New York City

2008 Encouragement of Creativity Prize, The Israel Minister of Science, Culture, and Sport
2000 The Sandberg Prize, The Israel Museum, Jerusalem
1999 The Prize of the Israel Minister of Science, Culture, and Sport
1995 Isracart Prize, The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
1993 George and Janette Jaffin Prize, America-Israel Cultural Foundation
1987 Oscar Hendler Prize, Kibbutz Lohamei Hagetaot
1983 Gelber Prize for an immigrant artist, Jerusalem Association of Painters
and Sculptors

2003-present Bezalel Academy of Art and Design
2002-2003 The College for Technical Instruction, Tel Aviv
2001-2007 Emunah College, Jerusalem
1998-1999 Kalisher Art School, Tel Aviv

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