The media arts project at Givon gallery directed by Doron Golan, is a showcase for artists working with new media technologies, including – but not limited to – digital video, generative, interactive and networked art, computer animation and robotics.
A concern with medium is one key feature of much contemporary work, where form and content often fuse in addressing telecommunications, mass media, the network and digital modes of delivery as well as issues of authorship, copyright and originality.
Practices range from conceptualism through networked video, performance and installation and, often most excitingly, fascinating hybrids of these and more idiosyncratic approaches, including traditional practices placed in new contexts.
The project will present selections of works from the web (both contemporary and “historical”) and will present exhibitions of the work of local and international media artists.

@ netcinema.org
Complementing the physical space will be this online exhibition space which will feature shows especially conceived for online presentation. Currently showing: Alan Sondheim, “Dance Vids”.

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